Josef Schimmel Adelsheim GmbH - Technische Filter, Siebe und Drehteile in Perfektion
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Technical filters, strainers and lathes to perfection

Filters and strainers
Strainers and filters made of metals and plastics. more
Turning parts
Precision turning parts in small batch sizes to large series. more
Combination parts
Schimmel combines metal and plastic. more

Testing equipment

In line with their own made, high quality goals, SCHIMMEL has a series of fully automated testing equipment... more

Small parts

Schimmel also creates small parts for the production areas of filters and strainers, turning parts and combination parts. When comparing the size to that of a staple, the original size becomes obvious. more

Reference list

Who could better confirm the high demands of our services than our references? more

Certified quality

The modern machinery and comprehensive test equipment guarantees the high quality standards. more

Applications without end

Fixtures, household appliances, vehicles, pneumatics, water preparation, coffee machines... more
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